NuDebt, developed by Selas Technologies, LLC, is an end to end solution offered on the platform. The sales and operational systems can work individually or together to provide a complete solution that will make your business run more smoothly and be more profitable. NuDebt supports several financial verticals.


Packaged CRM Solutions for the Debt Relief Industry

  • Debt Settlement
  • Debt Management
  • Credit Counseling
  • Legal Firms within financial verticals
  • Student Loan
  • Credit Repair
  • Ez-Pay (Payment Processor)


Our solution takes the platform to a new level providing the ability to handle all sides of these verticals business processes from marketing, sales, negotiations, contracting, payment processing and customer service and client retention. Advanced programming has been developed within the system offering automatic calculations, and complex payment scheduling. This is coupled an interface through a web API connection to various clearing houses, advanced reporting and dashboard resources.

Add-on products are available offering additional storage, direct document scanning, phone integrations, electronic contract/signatures, web portals for consumers, attorney’s and creditors and accounting software to continue streamlining process efficiencies leveraging technology in the cloud. The NuDebt product can easily support the mortgage, collections, and loan modification industries as well.


NuLaw, the cloud-based end-to-end legal practice management solution for Law Firms, Legal Departments, and Public Service Organizations.

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NuLaw is an adaptive, cloud-based platform, unlike any other applications. NuLaw is fully customizable, with unlimited access to thousands of applications that can seamlessly be integrated into one platform. Powered by Salesforce, one of the world’s highest security level platforms, NuLaw’s dynamic solution provides a robust environment for all your practice needs with access to the following features:

  • Marketing / Case Acquisition
  • Phone Integration
  • Consulting module
  • Social & Communication feeds
  • Advanced Calendaring
  • E-Signature & E-Filing
  • Case Matters Integration
  • Practice Management
  • Project Management
  • Library & API Integration
  • Document Intelligence
  • Digital Files
  • Billing Management
  • Client Time Tracker
  • Payment Processing
  • Accounting System Integrations
  • Collaborations & Mobility
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Customizations
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